Regulatory services for an evolving industry

On 20th May 2016, Article 20 of the Tobacco Products Directive (TPD) came in to effect. For the first time, this piece of EU-wide legislation set out a range of requirements for manufacturers of e-liquids creating massive implications for the industry as a whole.

Our partners at Vaporworks Labs have invested heavily to comply both with current regulatory requirements as set out within the TPD as well implementing an on-going program to ensure our operation will stand up against potential future acts of legislation.

e-Liquid Analysis

We have the capability to analyse e-liquids for a wide variety of purposes. The list of compounds that we test for includes but is not limited to nicotine content, diacetyl, acetylpropionyl, acetoin, diethylene glycol, and acrolein.

Thermal Degradation

High temperatures like those created by an atomiser coil can cause compounds within e-liquids to degrade. We carry out extensive analysis to determine the degradation pathways of all our liquids to ensure the absence of unwanted compounds.

Flavour Reformulation

Flavour concentrates sometimes contain molecules that are vital to the taste, but which toxicological data indicates have the potential for harm. Here we can remove the harmful molecules and replace with others that maintain the flavour profile.

Batch Testing

Every product batch is tested as standard for diacetyl, acetylpropionyl and acetoin content. Batch records contain details of every product at each stage of the production process. We retain these records for a period of two years after production.


Article 20 of the TPD came in to effect on 20th May 2016. All Vaporworks e-liquids comply with the requirements of the MHRA and their counterparts in the EU. ECID numbers for each of our nicotine-containing products can be found on each of our product pages.


Regulation of ENDS was announced by the FDA in February 2016 and come in to effect on 8th August 2016. Having navigated a similar process within the EU over the past two years, we are confident that Vaporworks will meet the requirement that the FDA sets forth.