Equilibrium Vapor Strawberry Mangerine Ice - Short Fill

Equilibrium Vapor Strawberry Mangerine Ice - Short Fill

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Flavour Profile

We took one of your all time favourites and gave it a twist! It's the same strawberry, mango and tangerine blend but with a small touch of menthol to send the flavour off on a tangent that will have you hooked all over again.

Our opinion: This is a twist on Strawberry Mangerine. We've seen a lot of "iced" flavours that simply give a cooling hit to an existing flavour, but this is something different. The menthol addition to this recipe changes it entirely. If it weren't for the name, you'd be hard pressed to guess that they have anything to do with each other at all. Whilst the fruitiness remains, the hint of menthol transforms the sweetness of the flavour in to something truly unique.

70% Vegetable Glycerin